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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee

Roasted Beans

They say that dynamite comes in small packages, and this petite yet dynamic bag of gold is set to satisfy your every craving for fine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It’s ideal for an individual seeking to fulfill their daily craving for fine coffee, or for small functions to keep a small group of people entertained.

Allow this golden supply of 100% authentic roasted beans steal the show, anytime, anywhere. We guarantee the perfect cup, every time, to have to to hold whenever, wherever.

Indulge in our exclusive premium coffee. Our hand-selected coffee beans are treated with the utmost care to protect the heavenly aroma and flavor that has made it world renowned.

BAWK’s Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is a medium roast that delivers spectacular flavour in every cup.

Net Wt. (4oz) 113.5g  (1/4 lb.)

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