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BAWK COFFEE Est. 1992 

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee

Roasted Beans

This medium sized slice of heaven radiates perfection for slightly smaller families, or the individual with a constant craving for a daily dose of this premium quality coffee. We package every last bean with the utmost love, care and passion, bringing you 8 ounces of nothing but the best coffee that the Earth has to offer.

Maybe you’re hosting a medium sized function and need enough quality coffee to keep your guests satisfied for an extended period of time. This sumptuous bag of golden beans promises to heat up your every caffeinated passion and beyond, each and every time.

Indulge in our exclusive premium coffee. Our hand-selected coffee beans are treated with the utmost care to protect the heavenly aroma and flavor that has made it world renowned.

BAWK’s Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is a medium roast that delivers spectacular flavour in every cup of coffee.

Net Wt.  (8oz)  272g (1/2 lb) Bag

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